Why choose us?

With the experience gained, we have created a service, that you the customer demanded for.
We listen to every feedback and constantly improve our service in order to match all your requirements.

Simple Pricing. Instant online quotes.

You can get a quote in just 1 minute!
No phone calls required. Just a few details about your shipment.

Convenience for you.

Whether you work or have a specific time frame requirements, we can help.
We can do after working hours or weekend pick up or delivery at no extra cost.

Hassle free experience.

We make all arrangements directly with the relevant parties.
You just need to supply us all the information needed and we will handle the whole process.
You will get free status notifications via email and SMS.

Automated scheduling system and tracking.

We use automated scheduling system, so as soon as we can arrange collection/ delivery the relevant party will receive a notification from us. There is an option to decline the slot, if not convenient.
On the day, the relevant party will receive SMS with live tracking link, once our driver heads towards it.


We understand, that you cannot always arrange packaging for your goods.
Unlike our competitors, this is not a must with us. We can transport not packed/ protected goods.
Beware, we cannot provide insurance for such goods.

Customer care.

We are only humans, so occasionally the things doesn't go as smoothly as planned.
We are always available to discuss and resolve any matters or concerns as quickly as possible.

A promise is a promise

We deliver: Any Item, Anywhere, Anytime.