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Terms and Conditions

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Please read carefully XPERT Delivery Ltd. Terms and Conditions below.
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1. Definitions.

The following definitions apply to the terms and conditions set out below that govern the contract of carriage of goods between you and us. "We", "us", "our" means XPERT Delivery Ltd. and/or its subcontractor awarded to execute the contract. "You", "your" or "Customer" means the sender or receiver or any third party that may have sign the contract.

2. Your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

By authorizing us to transport your goods, you accept our terms and conditions set out on our website (www.xpertdelivery.co.uk/terms-and-conditions), the Consignment Note and/or the contract for carriage irrespective of whether you have signed the front of our consignment note or not. If you give us the goods with oral or written instructions that conflicts with our terms and conditions, we shall not be bound by such instructions.

3. Services and Charges.

Unless otherwise stated, our quote and contract is for carriage of your goods on "door to door basis" and the charges set out in our quote are for the dimensions, weight and distance provided by you. Shall you need to amend your shipping request, you agree to pay additional fees. You must pay our charges by either a bank transfer, PayPal or credit/debit card prior delivery or by COC (Cash on Collection). We cannot deliver your goods, if there is any balance still not cleared! If the outstanding payment is not cleared in full until delivery date, an additional charge will be applied for collection fees & interest to a debt collector.

We provide our services in all England, except Devon, Cornwall, Lancashire, Westmorland, Cumberland and Northumberland. We may or may not cancel a collection and/or delivery service outside this area.

XPERT Delivery Ltd. reserves the rights to apply a storage fee if the parcel can not be delivered within 10 days after collection date due to delivery refusals.

4. Our acceptance of the services required by you.

We reserve the right to decline any services agreed/required, which are in our sole opinion dangerous and/or not safety and/or not ready to be executed. We do not accept shipments of any dangerous, prohibited or valuable goods. We may accept exclusions, where special T&C apply.

5. Collection/Delivery Procedures.

We will notify you for your collection/delivery day and time slot. You should respond with a confirmation! Without your confirmation we are not obligated to provide you the services required and we may cancel any contracts made between us. Any specific day/time quoted by us for your collection/delivery could not be guaranteed and we are not liable for any loss or damage in any way caused by any possible delays.

Where collection/delivery has been confirmed by you and failed, as you were unavailable or you refuse to accept the agreed/required services or refuse to pay any charges applicable, we will try to contact you and agree the appropriate next action. You agree to pay us any costs we incur in forwarding, disposing of or returning the shipment and our charges for making more collection/delivery attempts and for the agreed appropriate next action. If we do not receive your instructions within 7 days period after our attempt to deliver the shipment, then you agree that we may destroy or sell the content of the shipment without any further liability to you.

If we are unable to deliver a shipment because of an incorrect address we will make all reasonable efforts to find the correct address, but if we can not find it, you are liable for added charges. Where appropriate, we may deliver the shipment to a safe place or address close to the delivery address, if the receiver of the goods is not available, at your risk. You may give us special instructions to deliver the goods to another location/person (being for example a neighbor and/or neighboring address).

In such case our delivery receipt upon which the alternative person is listed and/or delivery location or a safe place shall constitute proof of delivery of your goods. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage in any way as a result of the delivery to your specific other person/location.

XPERT Delivery Ltd. reserve the rights in event of unforeseen circumstances (Heavy traffic and delay on schedule. Technical issues, access to premises granted, etc.) to postpone the collection/delivery. XPERT Delivery will notify both parties and will set very first slot available in order to complete the service in timely manner.

6. Our Liability.

Our liability is strictly limited to direct loss or damage only to the shipment and to the limit of its value up to £10 000. (The price that you have paid or you are selling the goods for) XPERT Delivery is not liable for damages to any goods with a value below £150 or not packed/wrapped prior collection. If you sign the consignment note without adding any comments, you will not subsequently be able to claim for any damaged or missing goods. XPERT Delivery is not liable for any complaints relating to transport damage that are reported more than 24 hours after receipt of the goods.

7. Claims Procedure.

All claims must be submitted in writing to XPERT Delivery within 24 hours of delivery. We are not obliged to act on any claims until our charges have been paid nor are you entitled to deduct the amount of your claim from our charges. In order to consider a claim for a damage, the contents of your goods and the original packing must be made available to us for inspection. Goods with insufficient packing or not packed/wrapped at all while in transit are excluded from any insurance claim. You shall cover all excess fees in case of a claim.

© 2019, last revision 2014