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Large Goods Delivery

We all love to shop online. There are lots of bargains and you just can't miss some. However sometimes "online" isn't the next door, but 200 miles away. What you do then?

The traditional couriers would charge you pennies for small packages, but when it comes to large item delivery , it's just not worth.

Well, we have good news for you! We specialise in large item delivery and this service is tailored to meet your expectations in every way.

Pricewise, we won't charge you even a hundred pounds, whatever your large item is. Also, we will collect and deliver only when it's convenient for you.

XPERT Delivery is a large item courier with outstanding reputation and great services.

Furniture Delivery

Excellent quality of service with furniture delivery from XPERT Delivery.

You’ve just bought a sofa or other large item of furniture from a store or on an online marketplace, and now you have to transport it to your house.

If you just know that you won’t be able to fit it into your car, and you don’t have any other means of transporting it yourself, we will gladly take care of it. Your furniture will be handled with care and delivered from the shop right to your doorstep. You can use our services for any type of furniture delivery, even if it doesn’t involve a purchase, but simple transport from one place to another.

With a large transportation network that spans the UK, we can provide a quick, reliable service that will save you time and money.

* Please note that our insurance does not cover any unpacked items.

eBay Courier

If you have bought a piece of furniture or a large electrical appliance on eBay, you will have to find a way to get it delivered to your home. This can prove a bit difficult or expensive, if you depend on regular courier services. Because of the bulk and weight of an item, you can be charged much more, than you would find reasonable or at least acceptable.

Then comes the problem of packing. Even if you go with regular couriers, you will have to pay a lot more for packaging, because they wouldn’t allow the shipping of an unprotected item. Here comes XPERT Delivery. With our flexible service models we manage to provide a reliable, efficient service at a reasonable price. With a well-established transportation network across the UK, we can collect your item and deliver it anywhere in the country whether it is packed or not.

* Please note, XPERT Delivery is a one-man-with a-van operation, so help with bulky items would be needed at both ends.

 If you have bought a piece of furniture from eBay, and you are looking for a professional courier company to deliver it, then XPERT Delivery can offer you our flexible, reliable and cheap courier services.

Shop Returns

Outside business hours delivery of large items is available with our company.

Although online shopping really is one of the greatest modern inventions and provides us with another sense of comfort and convenience, we often may find ourselves rushing to buy something, which later we want to return for one reason or another. But if it is something large we now really have a dilemma – returning it would cost us a lot, but keeping it means we will be throwing away our money.

You don’t have to worry anymore. XPERT Delivery will take care of your purchase and will return it to the shop. And with our modest fees you won’t be spending half the product’s cost for returning it. We will send you the proof of delivery once it is returned to the shop.

* Please note, however, that it may take a little longer to complete the job.

Express or Economy Delivery Service

XPERT Delivery understands that you may be busy next week or you are just in a hurry, so you want your item delivered to you as soon as possible. With our option to request an Express Delivery Service, you will get your item in up to 3 days. We will make the shipping of your item a priority and you will receive it in no time.

Alternatively, sometimes you don’t need a fast delivery. In fact, you may not even care when you get your order, because it isn’t urgent for you to receive the sent item. We understand that, so we also provide another option for you to choose – Economy Delivery Service. Picking this option means your delivery will cost a lot less and you will still receive the item intact. Please note that it might take 10 to 20 days to complete the job, if you choose Economy Delivery Service.

So express, standard or economy – the choice is entirely yours.

* Please note that it might take 10–20 days to complete the job.

XPERT Delivery offers an economy delivery service in case you are on a budget.