Large Parcel Delivery

We at Xpert Delivery specialise in Large Parcel Delivery around the UK.
It's quite different from shipping small parcels and there are a few problems,
when you have to look for large parcel delivery service

The cost of Large Parcel Delivery.

On the first place of course are the money. The regular couriers are great for small parcels, however they don't like large parcels and would charge you the earth for a parcel, that you cannot carry in your car. There is another option to use same day courier or removals companies, however they would charge you a pound per mile. Which is great, if you need large parcel moved in your town, except for the part, that these companies have nice call out charges. When it comes for longer distance, this isn't a real option moneywise. This is where we step in. We transport only large parcels around the country, so we combine many large item deliveries in order to provide you with a very reasonable quotes. Our prices depend on the volume of your parcel and you'd usually pay 40 to 80 pounds for your delivery, regardless of the distance.

Safe transportation of large parcels.

We all know how the small parcels are being handled by the big couriers. It's normal for you to be scared to ship your large parcel. Especially, if you haven't used us before. However, as we are specialist in large parcel delivery, we know how to move your items between warehouses and safely strap it in our vans. We also use blankets to prevent damages.

Packaging of large parcels.

We know you cannot always arrange packaging for the goods you have purchased. Most of the companies who do large parcel delivery will insist on perfect packaging before they can take it. We simply don't. Of course, it will be better for both of us to have your item well packaged, but when this is not possible, we won't mind transporting it as it is. You should understand the risk of damage would be higher, so we won't be able to insure your parcel against accidental damage.

Convenience of large parcel delivery.

For all your small parcels, your front door post box is enough. So it doesn't matter if you will be home of not to get it. When it comes to large items however, you should be present to accept the delivery or even help the driver, if your parcel is too heavy. We understand that you probably work, so we can deliver after working hours, or at weekends. All this is at no extra cost. It might take longer to schedule your delivery, but we will make it whenever is convenient for you.

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