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Online shopping is now an integral part of our society. This leads most businesses into opening web versions of their stores, while many have even moved exclusively online. But internet commerce presents the market with another challenge – to figure out shipping for clients all over the country. This becomes even harder when you have to factor in what kind of products you sell – large items are particularly hard to transport.

This is where we enter the picture. XPERT Delivery specializes in large item transportation and delivery, so we can help you and your business with large and heavy items such as different pieces of furniture, bulky electronic appliances, and so on.

We take care of the shipping,
so you can focus on sales!

The reality is that growing your business is hard. You have to stay ahead of your competitors by taking smart decisions and providing something to your customers, which others cannot. This is why there are many benefits to picking XPERT Delivery as your large item courier.

  • Having a set way of delivering your product will make potential customers trust you more.
  • Special deals with free delivery or set delivery price are better liked by online shoppers.
  • We allow for you and your customers to arrange a time of delivery even outside business hours and/or during the weekend.
  • We provide easy tracking & tracing for every order by using our website tracking & van tracing systems.
  • Having one shipping company to take care of your items saves you time, money and effort, which you can then invest in your business.
  • We have vast experience in delivery and shipping of large items.
  • Our services are fast, properly scheduled and cost-effective.
  • We operate throughout the entire country.
  • Providing your customers with a reputable company such as XPERT Delivery to ship their orders is beneficial to all of us.
If your company has the need for large item courier, we at XPERT Delivery will be happy to help.

Your business is in your hands and you have to work hard to make it grow, but with us you can easily keep your attention where it should be and not worry about figuring out logistics and shipping.

Our business offer

Developing good and solid business relationships is very important for being successful. This is why we strive to satisfy our clients and provide easy ways for them to approach us and work with us.

  • No need to ask us for a price
  • No need to estimate distance
  • No need to make arrangements

What we need to know is only where you are based and what kind of items you are selling. After that you will receive our flat rates for shipping in the UK. If you then choose to work with us you will only have to send us delivery details for each order or book it online anytime.

This is what we offer to let you spend more time on your business and less time on dealing with deliveries. No hidden terms and conditions, no small text to look for, no worries to be had. With XPERT Delivery you receive complete transparency, easy communication and excellent service.

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