The idea

With the expansion of online shopping, a new opportunity emerged in the transport industry.

There was no reliable, affordable delivery method for people who had bought or sold individual items of furniture online (or even anything bigger than a shoes box).

The regular, big-name couriers were charging a fortune for one-off deliveries of large bulky items, and cheaper providers on transport auction marketplaces were notoriously unreliable.

... Enter Xpert Delivery!

It began with a man and a van.

No trade name, no brand, no support and not much demand.

Just a hardworking man with a van and plan to deliver happiness.

One year later, and this hardworking man with his van were in big demand!

This was when we founded the company. In the second year of operation, while building up our reputation by maintaining our exceptional level of service, we launched our own website with all the features and tools you need to make delivery of your new purchase as easy as pie.

Now, with our vast experience of delivering furniture and household goods, we operate nationwide, and we’ve streamlined our efforts to provide the best value for money you’re ever likely to find.

However, we’ll keep doing more and making improvements until every single detail is perfect!

Transporting large and heavy items is now easy, thanks to XPERT Delivery service.

A promise is a promise

We deliver: Any Item, Anywhere, Anytime.