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Why and How To Provide Free Delivery to Your Clients

The development of internet has shaped the world in such a way that no one could predict. Today we shop online so much that even if we go to a physical store, we have probably researched a product thoroughly before that. So it isn’t a surprise that many businesses try to “lure” potential customers with different offers, discounts or better website utility.

And while you can do a lot to boost a business, it isn’t always easy. However, market research shows that there are several beneficial practice that matter the most when it comes to drawing people to buy what you sell and beat the competition.

More than Convenience

WIth XPERT Delivery your business can growWhile it is great to have a website with well-designed user experience, it may not be enough for the visitors to buy even a single product. You need something more than that. And while many people depend simply on the quality of their products, this is not so reliable since anybody can say how good a thing is – words win people, so anything can be of “the highest quality”.

But some things just grasp the attention of customers more and make them trust you. Providing free shipping may not be too expensive for you, but it is one of the things that customers value the most. Why? Because when they know you provide free delivery, they know they can spend more on an item, without worrying about additional shipping fees. This doesn’t just make them buy something from your online shop – it makes them buy more expensive things as well.

So the provision of free shipping isn’t only convenient for your clients, it is quite beneficial for you as well. A boost in sales (both quantity and expensiveness) is something you get right from the start. Psychology plays in your favor here and this can be the extra push your business needs.

How Should You Do It

Although it may seem obvious “Just provide free shipping!” isn’t always the best approach. It depends a lot on what you sell and how much of it you typically sell. Many businesses try the “threshold” approach, which gives customers free shipping if they purchase products for more than an X amount of money. This makes sure that you won’t be losing money on small purchases and is a bit of a safety net.

For larger items, you can simply calculate a bit of the shipping price in the price of the item itself. You may think that this will make your business less competitive, but pretty much every business out there does it.

But there is another way. You can find a logistics company that specifically deals with large items and doesn’t charge you that much for such a service. We at XPERT Delivery can give you excellent business rates for large items. With us you can give your clients a free delivery that is convenient as well, because we all for set time frames that will suit the customer.


Providing free delivery is an excellent step to boost not only the sales of your online store, but also the trust that clients have in you. Going the extra step to give them a more convenient way of shopping will positively affect your sales and overall revenue.

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