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Why and How to Pack Large Items

In our practice it isn’t a rare thing to see people struggle with packaging. And this isn’t surprising at all. If you think about it, it is hard to even pack something small, like a collection of books. If you don’t have a cardboard box and you have to figure out a proper way to pack books, you’d find yourself in quite the trouble as books, as robust as they can be, can still get damaged and pretty badly at that. But we are not here to talk about books and smaller items. This example was just to illustrate the whole idea of how important packaging is.

Packing your items the right way is important for large item deliveryLet’s look at a different case. You have a big fridge that you want to transport somewhere else. Of course, one way to do it is to just shove it up in the truck and hope for the best. But this almost always means scratches, even dents, if not something worse. And you don’t want to damage your belongings. However, as obvious as it is to pack your fridge properly, people don’t take their time to secure certain other items. Say you have a wardrobe and you think that not much damage can be done to it – it isn’t as heavy and is supposed to be more robust, right? No, not really. Scratches are just as prevalent on wood as they are on metal, so making sure that your piece of furniture is at least decently packed will save you further headaches. A large item delivery is not a simple run-of-the-mill thing, so don’t treat it like that.

Before we go any further we have to say that we do transport unpacked items, but there simply isn’t a way to guarantee that nothing will happen to it. If the exterior of what you are sending doesn’t matter, than packaging won’t be required, but in any other case it is strongly recommended. We have some packing tips for you, so that you have at least basic packing knowledge to provide a bit of safety for your item.

First and probably the most easy to do thing is to wrap it in stretch foil (or stretch wrap). It is cheap to buy and several layers of it will provide a good enough protection from scratches, although it will be not good enough to protect against bumps and the like. Still, it comes quite hand in almost every occasion so even if you have addition packaging, you can still use stretch wrap in order to add another layer of protection.

Then you have the all-time favourite – the bubble wrap. This is really good against bumps and you don’t even need to wrap the whole thing with it. Wrap the corners, so that it has some sort of cushioning, which will also act like support for the rest of the item. Some people combine bubble wrap with stretch foil, which is more than decent for many medium-to-heavy weight items.

If you are still concerned about the item, you can use cardboard pieces and/or Styrofoam, and then add a bit of stretch foil. With this you will almost certainly guarantee a safe transportation and you can be at ease about the whole thing.

We hope that our tips are helpful and you now know how to pack and secure your large items for delivery.

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