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Moving Large Valuable Items and Antique Furniture

Sometimes during a cleanup of your garage or your home you may come across some items of greater value. And although some valuables are easy to pack and move (such as old jewelry, pottery and so on), others are not that easily transported. If we take antique furniture, for example, you will not only have a hard time figuring out its price, but if you want to sell it or move it, you may find it difficult to get a company to transport it.

Many conventional couriers don’t deal with antiques, while other charge a hefty fee. XPERT Delivery can actually help you with that. We specialize in moving of antique furniture and other large valuable items and do it at a reasonable price. Because of the way our service is organized, you not only get your item transported, but we actually approach the task with personal care. Here we have few tips about how to get your item prepared and how to organize the entire move.

XPERT Delivery specializes in moving of Antique FurnitureIf you want to sell your item, it is up to you to find a reputable courier that can actually take great care of your antique piece. We provide an insurance with our service in order for you to have a peace of mind. One thing that you can do when you get your quote is to carefully describe the item. We don’t take care of the packaging, but we have to account for placement of the item inside our vehicle, so it can safely stay there.

You can take care of the packing side using different things, such as bubble and stretch wrap, but be sure to do your research before you start wrapping. Some experts advise people that they don’t use synthetic wraps right on the wood. Instead find cotton or felt cloths and wrap the item. This is act as a protection and will be a bit of a cushion as well.

There are more specific guidelines when it comes to different furniture. An old sofa or armchair can be more straightforward than an armoire or a dressing table. Some parts of your item can be more prone to damage than others, so you have to think in advance about what to pack with more care and what can just be wrapped in some foil. Taking care of the upholstery is also important, especially if it is prone to crumbling.

Sometimes before antique furniture can be transported it may need some buffing. Consider talking to a professional about it, because this may lower the price of the item in some cases, while in other it will increase it. A general rule of thumb is to always check things online before going out hiring a woodworker.

When you are done with packing, we will take care of transporting your valuable item. You can easily arrange pickup times with us and a courier will arrive on the given date in a 3-hour timeframe, which we will agree on in advance. XPERT Delivery gives you the best rates, professional couriers and great care of your items.

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