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Furniture Disassembly Tips

XPERT Delivery can move your furniture that cannot be disassembled.While it is definitely hard to disassemble your one-piece sofa, there are some items out there, which are perfectly suited for disassembly. Today we are going to look over some furniture disassembly tips, but be aware that if you are not sure in what you are doing, it is better to either leave it as it is, or call a professional to do the job for you. That being said, some items are made precisely for home assembly and disassembly, so you shouldn’t be that scared that something will go wrong.

First, let’s talk about what is usually made to be disassembled. If you have bookshelves, bookcases, cabinets, stand-alone drawers, particle board (or similar material) wardrobes or something that at least seems able to be disassembled, you are good. If you are not sure how to disassemble something, try to find online instructions. Most companies offer such instructions on their websites, but if you don’t know where your furniture comes from, then our tips are for you.


First and foremost, get your tools. A pair of pliers and a medium-sized Philips-head screwdriver are the bare necessities, but if you have an automatic screwdriver with many head sizes, you can go at it without worries. We’d advice you to also pick up some plastic zipper bags (small ones) to put different screws there. Separating the screws is important, if you don’t want to do a guesswork afterwards, when you get to assembling your furniture. This is even more important, if you are disassembling more pieces of furniture.

Another generally useful tip is to get some sheets of paper and write down what you are doing to disassemble your furniture. Then you can easily trace back your steps later, without having to figure out what to do first.

Getting to the Meat of It

Some items are really easy to disassemble. Your bookcase are probably held by some screws. Chances are most of the shelves are removable, so they are ready right from the start, but a higher quality bookcase will have every shelf held in place. Still, undoing the screws is the only thing you need to do, although some more advanced bookcases are using tightening mechanisms that you only unscrew a bit to make the whole thing lose, without removing a single screw.

Drawers, cabinets, cupboards, simple-built beds and the like are also easy to disassemble, and it is done just like with the bookcases. The only thing you need to be careful about is the additional parts (such as door hinges, gas strut mechanisms, drawer rails, etc.). Most of them have a specific place and orientation, so don’t just remove them – write down how you did it.

For more difficult to disassemble items, you can either search for a guide on the internet that deals specifically with your item, or you have to contact the manufacturer if that is at all possible.

What Happens to Items You Can’t Disassemble

While it is definitely great that you can ship disassembled items by yourself, there are still some pieces of furniture, which you won’t be able to disassemble and thus easily ship. But XPERT Delivery is here for you. We specialize in large item delivery and furniture shipping, so you can safely rely on our affordable services. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need help.

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