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5 Steps for Purchasing Furniture on Ebay

We at XPERT Delivery can take care of any furniture purchased on EbayIt is great that in our day and age we can do so many things online. If in the past we only had garage sales when we wanted to clear our house of unnecessary items, now we can use Ebay and similar sites to sell our unwanted items. But even more – we can find some great bargains that can hardly be beaten even by discounted retail products.

However, there are some items, which need special attention when you decide to get them from Ebay. Today we will focus on furniture and will give you some tips on how to purchase furniture without being ripped off. Follow our guide and you may soon have that highly desired vintage sofa in your own living room.

Step 1: Do Your Research

A lot of times we may go on Ebay just browsing through offers hoping that something will draw our attention. This is why we sometimes buy items just because we think “such a great deal cannot be missed”, without even doing a bit of research on what the actual value of the item is. So when you go out to buy that new piece of furniture on Ebay, also check out how much it costs new and if it’s worth all the hassle of Ebay shopping.

Step 2: Evaluate Price Difference

When you’ve spotted a seemingly good offer and you’ve done your fair amount of research on the regular price of the item, you will now have to consider the price difference. There are many opinions on what a normal price difference is, but anywhere from 30% to 50% off is considered alright. If you don’t have more than 30% price drop, it isn’t really worth it to buy a used item. On the other hand, going higher than 50% may mean that the item is not in a good condition. So figure out how much the price difference is and continue with the next step.

Step 3: What Are You Paying For?

If the item is in the 30-50% range, you already have a nice deal, but check out all the available photos and read the description of the item thoroughly. You can also ask the seller for more details and if he is unwilling to give them to you, this is a red flag. This applies doubly so to deal that drop 60-70% off. You don’t want to get an armchair that you can’t actually sit in, because it has a covered hole in it. Remember that even reputable sellers may sometimes try to rip you off.

Step 4: Find Your Own Transportation

Most of the time the buyer has to pay shipping fees and because the seller doesn’t care how much you will pay for that, if you leave finding a proper delivery company to them, they will go with whatever comes to mind and this will cost you. So consider us at XPERT Delivery to handle your large item delivery for a lot less than what a conventional courier will charge.

Step 5: Leave Your Review

If you are satisfied with the product, don’t forget to mark the seller as a trusted one. Respectively, if you think you didn’t quite get what you wanted, talk with the seller and if you can’t come to an agreement, express your opinion online and make sure to mark them as untrusted. This doesn’t benefit you, but you can help other people with their potential purchases.

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